Upcoming election announcement

Ampled members!

The time has come for elections! Make your voice heard! Democracy! Yes!

Elections are a critical element of Ampled’s cooperative structure. Our board of directors stewards our mission and strategy, and consists of members. Now it’s time for you to help democratically choose them.

Election details

Artist-Owners (artists with 10+ supporters), Worker-Owners, and Community Members will be either voting on or approving:

  • Board of Directors for the next year
  • Term limits for the board
  • Contributor compensation

Election date

05/11 - Open Forum in Discord to discuss election and hear updates from the team

05/18 - Election!

Board Candidates

Each of these candidates will submit a written statement on their vision for Ampled. 3 representatives of each class will be elected.


  • Barry Stephenson (reelection)
  • Julia Mark (relection)
  • Jeremiah Johnson [Nullsleep]
  • Shameer Goss [Mother Fortune]
  • Brian Walker [A Day Without Love]


  • Ryan DeShon (reelection)
  • Serena Chan
  • Austin Robey

Community Members

  • Jessica Mason (reelection)
  • Nicole d’Avis (reelection)
  • David Turner (reelection)
  • Raihan Anwar

If you would like to be added to this list, send a message to austin@ampled.com asap


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